About Us

Delight Brand Clothing was established in Honolulu, Hawaii and supports the Aloha/Urban lifestyle.
To us, Ohana (family) is everything! We are a home-based company and take pride in providing you with some of the finest gear Hawaii has to offer!
We use quality material and print all of our gear on island so everything stays LOCAL!

We also have sponsors that consist of skateboarders, surfers, photographers/water photographers and musicians.

DBC wants to send a message to the world…No matter where you are in life, you find “delights”.. True or false, right or wrong. No matter what it is, and wherever you are in your life, you have DELIGHT… The Prime Life! There’s no better way to live life than with delight and enjoying things throughout your journey!
Keep it fresh & live a delightful life! Besides who wants to live unhappily? If you have any questions feel free to email us at DelightBrandC@gmail.com or contact us here.